Driving Record Release Forms

There a some states that require special release forms faxed to us so we can activate on your account.

Fax Release Form(s) to 407-650-2988.  We will e-mail you as soon as the state is active on your account.



The California DMV  requires companies to be registered with the state of CA. Please see the web site for more information http://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/wcm/connect/a78567c7-8191-4f9e-9b45-742026bacf15/inf1133v.pdf?MOD=AJPERES

You will fill out that form and send to the CA DMV with $50.00 (good for 2 years).  The CA DMV will mail back to you the commercial requestors codes.  These are the codes we need to plug into our system to allow you instant access to the CA driving records.


Georgia (End Users only) – If your company is not the “End User” please call 800-894-9141 for instructions.


Maryland Fill out and sign on the purchaser Line and have a witness sign to the direct left of that purchaser Line.


New Hampshire  – Call 800-894-9141

OhioFill out Part A, Part C and Sign.


Company and Individual Release Form

1 – Company form – Fax back the Attachment (E)

2 – Have your employees fill out and sign Attachment (F) for all requests. Keep it on file (The WA DMV audits every few months so we may ask you to fax the driver release form to us.)

Fax Release Form(s) to 407-650-2988


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